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 TessaLuna Lluvia "Psychic Tee" 

World Renowned Psychic Medium, Missing Persons & Paranormal Investigator/Profiler, Clairvoyant, Remote Viewer, Ordained Minister, Mentor, Spiritual Counselor, Author, Radio/TV Host and in Magazines worldwide. 

Tee is a World Renowned Psychic Medium who is highly respected in her field. Her strongest ability, "Remote Viewing", makes it possible for her to see into the past, present and future along with specific details including names and dates. She assists families and law enforcement agencies in the search for missing people and owns her own investigative agency, MP Investigations. Tee currently has her own radio show on BlogTalkRadio and also a TeeTV show that airs weekly. During these shows, she gives free mini readings to callers. Periodically, she'll bring in guests who she feels have something to offer her listeners. Tee has also made appearances on numerous television and radio shows and has been heard by millions throughout the world. 

"She has had her abilities her entire life. However, she is not sure where they came from or why because she was adopted".

 She is the Author of 3 books including her most popular "We are Light!".She has an AWESOME feedback with testimonials from thousands. Not sure Tee can help you? Feel free to contact her.

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Testimonial: I am still in shock after my reading with Tee. How on earth could she know something from 100 years back? I have been researching online for 6 years with nothing about my family. In just 1 hour she gave me all I needed. names, dates and amazing details. IMPRESSIVE!! Sara Auckman

Testimonial: Just had the most AMAZING reading with one of the worlds most amazing psychics !!!! Thank you for claryfying everything for me and projecting me forward Psychic Tee - bleeping amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Janette Harman - Australia

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 LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that psychic readings cannot predict, forecast , diagnose or provide information with absolute certainty. No guarantees or assurances of any kind are given and Psychic Tee will not be held accountable for any interpretations or decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings. For entertainment purposes only. For medical concerns, please consult with a physician. For legal matters, please contact an attorney or law enforcement. Tee tries her best to make sure you are happy with your reading but reality is Tee cannot please everyone. If you buy a reading in mistake and wish a different one then Tee will apply the money toward the new reading. Also if you purchase a seminar and do not show up then you have forfeited the cost same with any of Tee's classes, if you do not show up Tee will try to reschedule you once, after that the week will be forfeited. If you quit in the middle of any classes than you will not be refunded for the remainder.