How long is Tee's wait for a reading? 

Depending on the type of reading, the wait could be as short as same day or up to 2 weeks. 

What if I need to reschedule?

Tee is AWESOME about rescheduling just please let her know as soon as possible. 

What if Tee needs to reschedule?

Being a full time mom and homeschooler plus all the many things she does just on a daily basis there will be times she will need to reschedule your reading. If this happens she will notify you asap and offer you some extra free time usually 15 mins.

Does Tee offer in person readings? 

Tee does all private readings at this time by phone/skype or chat. To see Tee in person it would have to be by hosting a Group Reading .

What information does Tee need for my reading? 

None. Tee actually prefers not to have any information at all.

Is my session recorded? 

Tee does offer recorded classes but not readings.

Can I asked about deceased loves ones in my general reading?

No. There is a separate tab for Mediumship Readings. Sometimes it can take awhile for Tee to connect and to receive all the messages needed from the deceased and spirit, so she is not able to include this in her regular readings.

 Does Tee do free readings? Periodically on her Facebook page and her Radio Show.

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