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Testimonial: Tee is mind blowing. I don't even have the words to explain her. I have been taking Tee's psychic classes for two months now and I'm only on my third class and my course seems to be coming to an end fast :(. Tee will get you to the psychic realm if your looking to awaken your intuitive skills. At the end of each class she will always leave you with a good sense of empowerment getting you back on your path. You will definitely get tremendous results with this lady. My etheric cords are definitely attached to her and I'm not cutting them, lol. Tee is my Life coach till the end of my life expectancy. I feel she was part of my contract. I recommend that you take her psychic development class, to get on to your path to your purpose - Kier (Prodigy) lol 

Welcome to Psychic Development Training to learn your Life's Purpose and the steps you need to take to achieve it. Here Tee offers you Spiritual guidance and information on becoming the best YOU possible with classes, seminars and Psychic Development Training.


Everyone is Psychic! One of the first things I teach in my classes is that YES everyone is Psychic! You have your own special psychic abilities and no one else in the world is like you. You just need to find which ability is truly yours that you were born with. You were given this ability in this life to guide and protect you while you go through this lifetime. We also carry abilities from past lives to assist us in each lifetime we have. Your soul has a journey and knowing the gifts and abilities you carry early on can help you through this journey more successfully. Do you have a question about the class? Feel free to contact me!

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